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Armaan Kohli, one of the most controversial contestants in Bigg  Boss 7, is infamous for his anger management issues, as for his movies.  The 45 year old actor (born March 23rd 1968) is also the son of famous producer Raj Kumar Kohli, who is noted for making many movies, based on ‘animal themes’.He started his career as a child actor in his father’s film Badle Ki Aag(1982). He debuted as a male lead in the 1992 film, Virodhi.  Several other films including Aulaad Ke Dushman, Anaam, Qahar, Veer and his final Bollywood film as the hero – Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002).

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Armaan Kohli also did a movie called Aulaad Ke Dushman(1992) with the late Divya Bharati. Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002) is so bad that it is good, it has become a cult movie to watch, in terms of flops. Incidentally, it was the first superhero movie of Bollywood.

Few know that Shah Rukh Khan got a grand entry in Bollywood, thanks to Armaan Kohli.  The latter was supposed to do Deewana (1992) but according to sources, he began to throw tantrums after completing the first schedule, due to which  Armaan was out of the film, and SRK walked right in. Though Shah Rukh Khan’s debut film is Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Deewana released first and created history.

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  1.   His car knocked down a bike rider at Andheri, Mumbai  in 2002. Armaan fled from the scene but was arrested and later released on bail.
  2.   He was again arrested for behaving and assaulting his ex-girlfriend  Moon Moon Banerjee. She was no less than Armaan Kohli’s wife, according to sources.  He had also hit ex-Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra and her husband. This incident happened in Mauritius in 2008. According to Dolly and her husband, if they had not intervened,  Armaan would have killed her.
  3. Armaan Kohli was involved with Ayesha Jhulka for a long-time. Committed in her role of a girlfriend, she even went on to sign movies opposite him, in spite of earning a name as a top ranking actress after her successful movies like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Khiladi in 1992.  Her choice of bad films opposite Armaan Kohli also pretty much sealed her career. Armaan Kohli broke up with his girlfriend Ayesha  Jhulka and she went on to marry Sameer Vashi.
  4. There were rumors of the Armaan Kohli having an affair with Divya Bharati, the late actress.  Action-man Gavin Packard (who died of alcohol addiction in 2012)   was said to have caught the actor with Divya Bharati red-handed.  The actress on the other hand was furious with the allegation and said that Gavin did that for publicity. She said that she didn’t know Armaan, more than for the fact that she had done just one film with him. But magazines were always buoyant about linking Armaan Kohli with Divya Bharti.
  5. Yoga Guru Vivek Mishra who was in Bigg Boss 7 house, accused Armaan of cheating his girlfriend Tanya Singh.  Apparently, Tanya and Vivek are friends, so the latter decided to ask  Armaan about the engagement ring that he had given to Tanya. Armaan vehemently denied and got furious saying that he  has never engaged to her.
  6. Armaan Kohli’s affair with Tanisha was one of the biggest controversial points of Bigg Boss 7. While  Tanisha stood by him at all points, he would always pick arguments with her and indulge in abusive behavior. This also resulted in Tanisha getting whiplash from her family members and relatives.
  7. Armaan has been having massive showdowns and fights with almost everyone in the Bigg Boss house including  VJ Andy, Kamya Punjabi, Sangram Singh and actor Ajaz Khan. He tends to apologize after creating a ruckus but then continues being aggressive after a point of time. Lately, he got into numerous altercations with his close friend and well-wisher Tanisha, which irked many.

Armaan Kohli (Pictures)

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  • With girlfriend Ayesha JhulkaArmaan Kohli Divya Bharti
  • With Divya Bharti
  • Armaan Kohli photo Arman Kohli wife Moon Moon Banerjee
  •  Armaan Kohli with wife Moon Moon BanerjeeArmaan Kohli Jaani Dushman Ayesha Jhulka Armaan Kohli Ayesha Jhulka husband Sameer Vashi
  • Armaan Kohli girlfriend Tanya Singh
  •  Armaan Kohli with Tanisha SinghArmaan Kohli picture Armaan Kohli Tanisha girlfriend
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