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Model Candy Brar, Kushal’s ex-girlfriend is happy that he has moved on. However, she seems particularly miffed at the way the yoga-guru Vivek Mishra maligned her name during his stay at the show. Candy said, ‘ “Vivek Mishra has said a a lot about me without knowing me personally. I am not a reality show buff but I am entering the show to present my real self.” She has said that she has not come into the show to keep a tab on Kushal and is happy that he has moved on. Candy added, “”I am happy for Kushal if he is really serious about Gauhar. She is a nice girl. Kushal and I are still friends and I am always the first one to know about his long list of girlfriends. He is not commitment phobic. He is just too career oriented.”

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Vivek, who was asked to speak up more often, oddly began to bring personal matters into his interactions. First, he dragged the name of Tanya Singh, and Armaan’s engagement to her, which he strongly denied. Then during an argument with Kushal, he went on to say that he is no Candy Brar, that he can take liberties with. Candy Brar stepped into the entertainment world when she became the winner of Gladrags 2004. She was also the face of India as Miss Tourism International. Candy Brar also went on to become the runner-up at MTV Roadies. She is now the marketing-head of Gladrags.

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Candy claims that she came in the Bigg Boss house because of Vivek Mishra who dragged her name into the scenario. She contributes Roadies and Gladrags for bringing out the toughie in her. She said to an interview to Colors, “. From being a winner in Gladrags to Roadies to being marketing personnel in Gladrags itself, I have seen it all. Roadies was a tough show, both physically and mentally and surviving in that was a big thing for me. Standing in the queue for Gladrags, winning it and now sitting on the chair and picking out the best of the lot, what more can you ask for. I think I have experienced all the phases of life now and going back to the reality show genre is something that I thought I would never do.”

Though Candy says that she has nothing to do with being in the lives of Kushal and Gauhar, she says that she will definitely confront her ex-boyfriend. She added, I’ll enter and go right away to Kushal, I’m just dying to see his reaction. Ooh actually I think I would be more eager to see how Gauahar will react. And then I would say the game has begun… Kushal would have never thought in his wildest dream that I would be coming his way. Tell him that world is coming to an end in 10 minutes would be less drastic than me walking up to him, right on his face. I have known him for 10 long years now and he knows that if I loose my cool I would talk a lot more than what I’m supposed to.”
Candy says that Armaan is the most genuine contestant in the show while Apurva is playing the game, quite smartly. She claims that Salman Khan are four reasons why she watches Bigg Boss and she dotes on the dog, Heaven.

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