Gauhar Khan – Kushal Tandon Romance Makes Housemates Uncomfortable

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Gauhar Khan and Kushal’s romance in Bigg Boss, topped with a kiss and hugs, holding hands,  is scorching the show.  They seem to be in their own world, with their own share of coziness and tiffs.  Their lovey-dovey moments have sparked some jealousy and bitching among other housemates.

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Gauhar Kushal kiss romance

Asif, in particular was seen bearing the brunt of Gauhar’s anger, when she told him to back off and not talk sh** when he teased her and Kushal about their romance.  While Gauhar says that she is just ‘close’ to Kushal as a friend, their actions speak otherwise, as was confirmed by Ratan Rajput as well.

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Gauhar Kushal kiss

Do you think Gauhar and Kushal  are made-for-each other or is it just an exercise to get themselves noticed and stay longer in the Bigg Boss show?

Gauhar Khan Kushal Tandon kiss



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