Kamya Punjabi talks about divorce, wants to go home

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Though Ratan Rajput was evicted, it was Kamya Punjabi who cried more. She admitted that she had divorced her husband, a few days before she had come to Bigg Boss house.

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It may be recalled that there was news about Kamya Punjabi’s affair with another man,  after which she went back to her husband. Now,  even though things seemed happy with Kamya and her husband, she told housemates, that she has been divorced.

Kamya Punjabi divorce

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Kamya added that she had come to Bigg Boss house because she was lonely and wanted to overcome depression.  She said that she was feeling guilty that she had left her 4 year old daughter at her residence and wanted to go back to her.

But viewers seem to think that Kamya’s reason for going to Bigg Boss to overcome depression, is really absurd because the Bigg Boss house is known to create war-like situation in the house, there are no friends there and even close friends and partners become volatile with each other.It is natural to feel depressed and sad but to go to the the Bigg Boss house, which has enough elements to increase your depression, is rather absurd. Viewers feel that Kamya just went to the house to make money, as every week, a generous sum of money is sent to their account for being present in the Bigg Boss house .

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