Salman Khan Biased in Bigg Boss 7 – Fair Host or Unfair?

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While Salman Khan is the most popular show on television, the question remains if he is biased or not.   Many people claim that Salman Khan has been partial to Tanisha and Armaan while criticizing Kushal and Gauhar.  He had earlier criticized Kushal for disrespecting Tanisha.  But this move backfired because it is human-nature for people to support the underdog. Many claimed that Salman  was clearly favoring Tanisha because they belong to the ‘filmi clan’ and Ajay Devgn is Sallu’s close friend. Not to take things lying down, Salman laid it bare on the show, clarifying his stand saying that he had taken the stand only because a woman’s dignity was being maligned and he was not partial to Tanisha. Salman claimed on the show that in fact, he was close to Kushal because they were from the same school.

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Salman Khan unfair host bigg boss 7

Viewers did not take liking to Salman Khan telling Kushal to behave or things would turn bad for him. His words turned prophetic when Kushal went to hit Andy, which resulted in the former being thrown out of the show.  Salman Khan criticized Gauhar Khan for talking out of turn and making contradictory statement. He accused Gauhar Khan for not taking sticking to her standing of going out of the show.

salman khan bigg boss 7

It is not that Salman was totally biased to Tanisha or Armaan, he had even told them to behave properly because there were 82 cameras watching their every move. Needless to say Tanisha and Armaan still continued their affair. Salman had even chided Tanisha to maintain her self-respect and not to be servile to Armaan. He had even told the latter to exercise some anger management. But many viewers feel that Salman had been somewhat soft on Tanisha and Armaan.

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salman khan bigg boss hosting

Post Kushal’s eviction, Salman made it clear to the house that he does not support anyone who indulges in violent behavior in the house. After Kushal came back on Bigg Boss house, Salman asked him why we he was planning stories about the Dabangg star apologizing to him.  He even said that he did not approve Kushal of spreading lies in the Bigg Boss house.  Kushal however maintained that he had not spoken a word against Salman. Once he said that Salman said “Okay, I believe you.”

salman khan bigg boss 7 hosting

In a way, it is good that Salman got it clarified on the show itself, rather than make people listen to media-created assumptions.  We need to credit the host because it is not an easy show to host.  For the last four seasons, including this one, he has done a brilliant job with the hosting.  Bigg Boss owes its popularity to Salman Khan, no other star can match up to him in sheer persona and spontaneity. Salman Khan has maintained that it is no joke to host Bigg Boss, where temperaments, moods and sides change every minute.  And no matter, which person he will take a stand for, the fan-base of the other contestants will be offended.  Do you think Salman Khan has been a  biased host on Bigg Boss?

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 7 host

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  1. karan says:

    I think armaan is an idiot. No wonder he is flop.Tanisha does’ t have brian and yes salman is bias, we can clearly see that.

  2. Naheed Moorad says:

    I am just a plain “viewer” of BB (No PR of anyone) and a fan of Salman Khan like millions other. How ever this season of BB is a bit fishy! Honestly do not understand what is going on? I have written many comments though usually I am not the one to be doing this as don’t have the time. But then I cannot take injustice lightly and make it my business to comment in the least. BB especially (the voice)which actually is the producer and the team is so shamelessly protecting Arman Kohli and also Tanisha that it is getting disgusting. everyone else’s slightest fault is blown out of proportion and Arman tantrums, abuses, Galis and insults towards all contestants are being completely ignored also Tanisha’s overtly lovey dovy acts and snide remarks back bitting clear jealousy and hatred towards Gauhar is dismissed. We all are dumbfounded at this partiality. If BB cannot handle the high celebs or money bags the likes of Arman and Tanisha then do not take them as contestants and penalize other contestants. BAD. I know Salman Khan is only following what he is told to do.

  3. sara says:

    if he’s sooo fair then y did he not take any stand against armaan when he hit sophia, y he just told sophia to walk away whenever there is armaan fighting with her?

  4. joohi says:

    look and listenn..
    we are not the PR of housemates.
    we are the citizens of india.
    and we the fans of biggboss but this
    time #bb7 fail totally fail ..
    let me give u proper reason ..
    salman khan is openly favoring miss
    tanisha and mr budha arman kohli ..!!
    here r some points
    1) calling hijra is ok by arman but
    calling chamiya is a big thing said by
    2) salman make his voice loud im frnt
    pratushya when she stoped ajaz to
    to her. but when arman said like this
    sophia salman silent whatthefuck .
    we were expecting that salman will
    shut up arman like he did to khushal
    evrytime and even to pratiyusha
    3) the bigbos didnot shown us the
    footage of arman hiting sophia why ?
    wtf ? if khushal will hit anyone or any
    contestant hit anyone expect arman
    and miss budhiya i will be the
    of tomrw.s epidode but not in the
    case of arman…
    now biggbos is also favroing mr arman
    kohli.. koi aur kisi ko marta toh vo toh
    bigbos ne ek din pehle he tomrw.s
    episode me highlight bna dena tha.
    public us footage ko dekhkr yeh na
    kahe ke arman ko nikalo bas essiliye
    bigbos ne footgae he nhi dikhaya..
    4) khushal got highest votes this weak
    but than also he was in bottom 2
    what that mean ?
    5) calling kalia is ok but “budha” is
    6) Calling Dhed Footiya is ok, but Flop
    actor is wrong
    7) baki ka Violence “VIOLENCE”, Arman
    ka violence
    if guahar is giving is point of view
    salman even dnt wait for guahar to
    complete her sentence he interupt in
    btn. but tanishaa used to interupt in
    others convervation but salman dnt
    a word to her
    9) tanisha making faces while salman
    was talking to gau and khus
    salmans remaims silemt but if it will
    done by guahar than salman will speak
    openly salman is favoring tanisha and
    and colours tv hampe he eljaam laga
    rhe h ..
    @colourstv @biggboss @salmankhan.
    u need a reality check we r not shit ..
    maybe 100 account are fake. but dude
    check urself there are lakhs of
    accounts who are saying the same
    thing that u salman khan and
    is favoring arman and tanishaaa
    and always try to pull guahr and
    khushal down
    accept it .. if u r favoring aan and tani..
    than accept it
    10) salman khan z so partial …why ??
    arman did so much
    but he has reasons to blame
    others . ..on the other
    side salman z teaching moral to others
    but the way
    he said ”kushal u vll gt a heart attack

    cum on
    dude nw u r no one to teach
    morals ..phle khud sikhoo
    hw to talk…
    11) Salman should directly make arman
    aur tanisha
    winnee coz…..its clear how partial he
    12) talking about kajol and ajay by
    is wrong but talking about khushal
    parents is right ( tanisha was saying
    khsushal parents will ashamed bcz
    khushal is galli de rha really than aan
    ke parents ko toh sharam ke mare mar
    he jana chaeye ) even salman ne ejas
    ko bol diya but tanisha koo nahi wtf ..
    proved salman is
    we are the fans of biggboss but bb7fail
    not pr of housemates..
    bloody ..
    wake up biggboss @salmankhan is
    we r not taking any benifit of salman
    khan if probablly another host will
    favour any contetant we will say the
    same thing got it
    feeling ashamed on the show at times
    used to proud on biggboss and i was
    one whoadmired the honesty of
    biggboss but trust me this time u
    dispointed me alot…

  5. Papree says:

    Salman khan is a biased and terrible human being. Because he has all the criminal charges such as hitting woman ( aishwarya rai bachchan) hit and run, abusive nature that is why he can associate with arman kholi.. They are same with different status…. SHAME on you SALMAN KHAN..

  6. ben 10 says:

    salman has been really sloppy this season….doesnt suit him to associate himself wid the likes such as armaan kohli…n tanisha…never expected she’d be such a disgrace…salman khan..wat a shame,Boy…u cud hav done so much better.

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