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Sofia Hayat is the latest wild-card entry to Bigg Boss 7. She is known to be one of the hottest women in the world by FHM magazine which rated her at the spot 81, above the likes of Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Beyonce.

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Sofia Hayat born in Kent, UK in the year 1974, hailed from a conservative Muslim family who did not appreciate girls going out of the house. She says that her father Zammurrad, was a factory worker who was deeply religious but was quite violent towards her mother and her three sisters.  During the teens she talks about how she was abused and hit by her father. She said, ‘If I would ever return home late from the park or school, my father would hit me with his belt till he bled.” However, she added that her two brothers had all the freedom to do what they wanted, in life.  Sofia adds that she was even a relative of her family, forced himself on her.

When she turned 18, Sofia was pushed towards learning Biology and Management degree in Sussex but her mind was geared towards performing arts.  Since, her parents were not able to finance her, she took a job of bar dancer in the night club to fend for herself, oblivious to them. She recalls how a TV crew once came to shoot the proceedings which also covered her dancing in flimsy outfit that included a short-skirt and cow-boy hat.

When one of Sofia’s ‘well-wishers’ saw the program, she mentioned it to her parents. She says that her mother and her brother brought her back to the house and kept her locked in the home. They only offered her food when required and accompanied her to the toilet.  She says, “There was no way I could escape without being noticed, the only escape route was the adjacent room that was always occupied.  I had no communication with the outside world, which is why I had no idea who had tried to contact me.” She however managed to get a respite in the form of going back to the old job, at the local supermarket. Sofia found a friend in Graham who helped her escape, but not before her mother coming to know about it. She hired a hit-man to kill her, but Sofia managed to notify the police about this. Years passed and Sofia’s mother tried one last bit to ask the daughter to leave the world of glamor and come back to the family to which she flatly refused.

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Sofia went on to do many TV programs including Waterloo Road and Footballers’ Wives in supporting roles. She also sang at the Royal Albert Hall and then began endorsing products like McDonalds, Walker Crisps and Timotei Hair Shampoo. She now appears in Bigg Boss 7 as a wild-card entry.

Sofia Hayat Hot Photos

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