Tanisha vs Gauhar – Who is a better Bigg Boss contestant?

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Tanisha and Gauhar are two of the hottest Bigg Boss contestants to win the biggest reality TV game show in 2013. The two have not been exactly the best of friends but still have a lot of commonalities.  Both seemed to have found their love match in the show itself.  While Tanisha and Armaan affair made the rounds,  Tanisha and Gauhar relationship also captured a lot of headlines.

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Tanisha began the show with a lot of promise but soon began to lose steam. One task which caused her to react in a volatile manner with Kushal, led to greater ramifications.  He called her ‘fat’ and said rude things to her, which Salman took up in the ‘Weekend ka Wow’  episode  Things took an ugly turn with Kushal being thrown out of the house for hitting Andy.  It is another thing that Kushal was brought back into the house. All through the show, one thing that has been in Tanisha’s side has been her patience and her ability to maintain a cool composure, apart from just this one incident.

tanisha gauhar

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Gauhar Khan, on the other hand, got a lot of mileage in the Bigg Boss house.  While her romance with Kushal raised eyebrows, what really took the cake was her taking on host Salman Khan. She and the TV host had an exchange of words, in which she supported boyfriend Kushal. Salman Khan even found a lot of criticism with the hash-tag #unfair Salman’ for running down Gauhar.  Later, when the fight between Andy and Kushal took place, she walked out with him, expressing her solidarity. So far, so good for her.

The next day, Gauhar was back in the house, considering there is a heavy fine for someone just walking out of the house, and breaking the contract.  With days, Gauhar found detractors who found her interfering and talking more and listening less. Some called her a ‘drama queen’ and she had no concrete answer for why she did not stick to her word and came back to the show, when she had vouched that she would never come back.

The moot thing is Gauhar Khan and Tanisha are two of the favorites to win Bigg Boss 7. Who is your favorite?


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  1. chaitrali says:

    i think tanisha is being very rude to gauhar. gauhar is a better contestant and she is a good captain she handles very well.. but tanisha is not to be fit in bigg boss. she always blames gauhar for doing anything. i hope gauhar or sangram wins bigg boss7

  2. fariha says:

    Salman is very unfair with khushal and gauhar and very comfortable with tanisha and arman becz he is also woman beater like him .

  3. fariha says:

    Salman is aagainsst khushal becz he is threat for him becz of his good looks and he find very brautiful girl friend gauhar which make him jralous

  4. fariha says:

    If gauhar didnt won the title so its sure big boss is totally fake

  5. Rinku says:

    Gauhar is a dignified young lady, she deserves to win.

    Ajaz is nothing but a troublemaker.
    Sangram is shrewd and conniving. He peaks thru both diodes of his mouth.
    The worst of all is tasisha who squints her face or smirks every time Gauhar speaks. She is a fox is sheep’s clothing.
    I suppose she is the queen and very over confident since she has her back covered by the big notches of bigg boss 7.
    This is just an individual opinion, I am sure we all have our favorites.

    Gauhar you have all our votes, you go girl, you are the BEST. I pray you make it to being number “1”

  6. Muzzamil M ASIF says:

    All aspects GOUHER is better then the best.She deserve to win BB7 title.GOOD LUCK for her.

  7. isha says:

    haha funny. gauhar is not so beautiful. jiske pas elli ho use gauhar jaisi low standard ki ladkion ki kya zarurat

  8. katty says:

    obiviously yaar tanisha is better than gauhar …tanisha has been consistent from one day and she never lost her sanity …gauhar is fake she has a lot of boyfriends guys..she is showing her friendship with ejaz for publicity ..she is making fool to public …
    if she became winner than i will never see big boss again ….rubish gauhar so uneducated ewwww yuck

  9. sangi says:

    gohar ko hi jeetna chaiye wo deaarve krti hai big boss7 ko jeetna…

  10. seerat says:

    tanisha z better dn gauhar… gauhar was d most dirty player of bb7 … gauhar was fke most dramebaaz n moron player…she was doing bitching indirectly n she was jealous of tanisha …it was clear frm her acts

  11. Guest says:

    She does not deserve it. She used Kushal.She won bcoz of him.All bakwaas,She is not beautifull at all.Salman was correct. She has got a wrong attitude, she thinks she is always correct.Shouting like a crazy,crying for silly things in front of cameras,interupting and abusing evryone, this is wat he has been doing all the season.Fake, with wrong temperament, adiyal and full of over confidence.

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