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VJ Andy (real name, Anand Vijay Kumar) is one of the favorite contestants to win Bigg Boss 7. He has been a fan with the kids who love his active participation, energy quotient and his child-like nature. He was born on May 31,1980, VJ Andy (age 33) in Berkshire, United Kingdom. VJ Andy was known as the host of Dare 2 Date, a popular dating reality show on Channel V, before he came on Bigg Boss.

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VJ Andy revealed insights about him in Bigg Boss. He told the housemates that he lost his father, when he was just 13. His mother worked hard to make ends meet, she worked in a factory. He also remembers working at a dance-bar and facing all sorts of hassles when earning money.   Less people know that Andy debuted in the Kaliyon ka Chaman, music video that gave recognition to starlet Meghna Naidu, as well.

Everyone’s favorite (well almost)

VJ Andy has struck great friendship with Sangram and Tanisha.  He is also known to have teach English songs to the likes of Asif and Sangram.  Armaan who spares no one and has had issues with every housemate, had got aggressive with Andy as well, but later as days passed, he started developing an affection for him. Recently, Armaan on Bigg Boss that Andy has a pure heart.  Salman  Khan, the host of the show, openly said that Andy was his favorite. He did admit that he did not like him initially but now he digs him.  The Dabangg also took a stand for Andy and said that the housemates were bitching about him, not the other way round.

Bigg Boss has to thank VJ Andy for spiking its TRP rating. In one of the tasks, he took his role rather seriously and started using sarcasm when talking with Pratyusha and Kamya, which they did not take kindly. Later, he began to fool around with Gauhar Khan’s inner-wear,  bring them near her.  This made Kushal angry and he ran to beat Andy. This resulted in Kushal being thrown out of the show. Gauhr acknowledged support and went with him, only to come back the very next day. Kushal was also brought into the Bigg Boss house.

Is VJ Andy gay?

VJ Andy is bisexual. The face-reader who had come to predict the future of the housemates said that VJ Andy will marry later in life and he will even have a child. This will be a surprise to many, the face-reader predicted. Everyone in the Bigg Boss house predicted that VJ Andy has strong paternal instincts and would make a good father.

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Bigg Boss has always encouraged the entry of minimum one entry from the gay/lesbian/transgender community in the house. While it was Bobby Darling in the first,  it was Rohit Verma in the third, Ali Saleem in the fourth,  Laxmi Tripathi in the fourth. But only the inimitable Imam Siddiqui and VJ Andy from Bigg Boss Season 6 and Season 7, have been thoroughly entertaining from this community. Like Imam, VJ Andy is high on knowledge, extrovert and speaks his mind. His Twitter handle is

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vj andy pictures

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