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Sofia Hayat had a terrible childhood, her parents had victimized her to such an extent that she does not want to revisit her past anymore.  But when Armaan Kohli lashed out at her and her family, she could not hold back and told Bigg Boss that she wanted to leave the house. Finally, she was evicted from the house,  this Saturday.

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What did Sofia Hayat’s parents really do to her?

Born in 1974, in Kent, UK; 39 year old Sofia Hayat hailed from an old-fashioned Muslim family, which did not believed in allowing girls to venture out of the house.  Her father Zammurrad , a factory worker, with deep-set religious ideologies, was known to be violent with her, her mother Surriya and her three sisters, Zarka, Saira and Tahira. At the same time, her two brothers, Majid and Wajid had enough independence. As she grew into her teens, Sofia Hayat recalls being abused and thrashed by her father.  She said in the book ‘Dishonoured’ written by her, “If I would ever return later from my school or somewhere else, my father would take his belt out and hit me till I bled.” Sofia recalls her uncle raping her, as well.

By the time, she was an adult, Sofia Hayat, who had enrolled for Biology and Management at Sussex University, in Brighton, learning found herself getting inclined toward performing arts.  Without their knowledge, Sofia worked as a bar dancer at a night club. A TV channel covered the proceedings for their program. Unfortunately, a relative of Sofia’s family saw the program and leaked the information to her family.

Sofia’s mother and her then 15 year old brother Majid, brandishing a knife at her, dragged her back to her home in Kent, and kept her imprisoned in her own room. Food was pushed in her room and she was accompanied out of her place, only to go the toilet.  Finally, Sofia told her parents that she wanted to work at a local supermarket. She found a friend whom she confided in about her trauma; he helped her escape right from her work place to a house in Brighton, where her old flat mate lived. He refused to entertain her, fearing her parents and then Sofia’s fiend then drove her to another pal’s house, where she stayed out of contact for a month.

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Though Sofia Hayat could contact the police and let them know about her condition, she was scared to lodge a complaint against her own parents.  She lived in the fear of a car coming right to her flat and her  mother and brother coming to take her back. Sofia Hayat’s worst fear came alive when she got a text message from her younger sister, Saira; which read, “Mom’s sent a hit-man to kill you. Be careful.” This is when Sofia mustered her courage to report the matter to Hove police.  She then went to her mother’s house and told her in clear-cut terms that if she dared to touch her, she would hand her over to the cops.

After that Sofia Hayat’s mother did not pursue her further, the police informed her that if any more threat came her way, she should contact them on their emergency number.  After sometime,  Sofia’s flat-mate got in contact with her staying that her mother wanted to desperately speak to her, as her father had suffered a heart-attack. Not really sure, Sofia called her mother, who assured her that she would not kidnap her again.

Sofia Hayat and her mother met at Brighton again, this time with the police keep a watch on them.  Sofia’s  mom told her that her father did not have a heart attack, but she had not come to take her back either. She said that she was meeting her with the final appeal to leave her entertainment-friendly lifestyle, get married and lead a pious Muslim life. The girl with the independent streak, declined and said she was happy with what she was doing.   Sofia Hayat’s mother coldly told her that her daughter was dead in the eyes of her parents and walked away.

A lonely Sofia Hayat felt she was now without a family. But at the same time, she felt that she was at a point of life, where she could dare to live life on her own terms.  Sofia then recorded a song which was among the top in the MTV countdown in the UK  and then worked in a movie called The Unforgettable. Her career was finally taking off.

Meanwhile after a few years, Sofia did keep in touch with her younger sister Saira. She came to know that the latter’s arranged marriage did not work out and that she had remarried.  Sofia began to meet her sister’s kids and then finally got in touch with her mother again.  She was surprised to know that her mother was not living with her father, any more. Sofia saw peace in her mother’s eyes, who though not really approving her daughter’s lifestyle, had come to terms with her choices in life.

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This possibly explains the reason why Sofia Hayat was disturbed with Armaan Kohli for speaking ill about her family and opening her past wounds. To her credit, she never took advantage of using public sympathy to her effect, by talking about her past.

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